The time of year when people leave work stress behind.. Not always the case for SME owners.

According to research carried out by Sage more than 30% of small business owners in the UK did not take a summer holiday last year. The smaller the business the more likely this is to occur. Ironic really, as most small business owners work far longer hours than the average, certainly not the nine to five grind. Whilst many SME…

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  • 10% Discount Code for

    Hello! I realise that we have been a bit absent of late but lots of exciting new projects underway so watch this space. In the meantime I wanted to share some feedback on  Having used a number of business card designers and printers over the last 10 years I must say I found very easy to use, economical,…

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  • Are phones the lifeblood of your company?

    We are in a new world of business multitasking; taking conference calls whilst emailing suppliers and ordering your groceries online. However have you ever tried to fit a light switch or replace the washer on a tap whilst answering a call from a potential client? That takes more than multitasking, it takes extra hands. In a previous life I used…

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  • Preparations to Jump Ship

    Well, of course we are not talking about ships but jobs. During the recession many people have been working in jobs that they find unfulfilling or dissatisfying as they should feel ‘lucky to have a job’.  Having a steady income and keeping safe during the recession were the priorities.  But now the water has calmed this could be the moment…

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