• Achieve optimum productivity by reaching ‘flow state’

    To produce our best work and achieve optimum productivity we need to get into what psychologists call a ‘flow state’. According to positive psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, flow state is the mental state of a person fully immersed and focused on performing an activity.   In a working environment flow is likely to occur when you are faced with a task that…

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  • Flexible working ‘cuts cost to employers’, say business leaders

    The Times reported today that a group of 22 of Britain’s biggest companies, the “Agile Future Forum”, have signed a commitment to flexible working rights after finding that “agility” in staff hours and locations can cut workforce costs by as much as 13%. Richard Nissen, the founder of The Virtual Office, is also a guest lecturer at Cass Business School.  For…

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  • Networking tips for the networking novice

    I recently was asked by some colleagues for tips when networking. The prospect of networking can be hugely daunting especially if you are new to the industry, role or just promoting yourself in a new arena. I know the first couple of times I attended networking events I felt very young, green and female. The majority of networking events at…

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  • How to work from home successfully

    How to Work from Home Successfully Let me start by saying that working from home is not for everyone. I love working from home. I’m productive, relaxed and really don’t miss the commute. However I speak to people regularly who believe that they would hate it. They feel that working from home they would lack focus and fear the isolation….

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  • Flexible Working – the ongoing debate

    There has always been resistance to flexible working with the majority of businesses preferring to keep employees within their sights. Earlier this year a ban on remote working at Yahoo reignited the flexible working debate. The arguments are the same but the strength of opinion is different. With the explosion of social technologies and the ease of remote working many…

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  • Instinct & Planning

    According to The Telegraph Online most entrepreneurs rely on instinct to make business decisions. This is not a surprising statement as it is the general business savvy and passion that drives entrepreneurs to success. The report, commissioned by T-Mobile, goes on to state that many entrepreneurs are too busy to or even nervous about making positive changes in their business….

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