Don’t miss important calls during the holidays – get a virtual receptionist

WRITTEN BY Emily Corne ON 11 April 2023

The holiday season can be very busy for many industries, big or small. This results in an increase in calls and booking appointments and the impact of missed calls can influence businesses, especially during the holiday season.  Customers want to be heard, so they tend to call them rather than communicate via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, DM’s, or even live chat because let’s be honest the most efficient way to communicate with customers is by telephone. Alternatively, they may find a form on your website to fill out but that does not guarantee their enquiry is handled quickly.

 As a service provider, the last thing you want to do is miss a call from a potential customer. No one wants to call the same company twice for the same reason to get no response, however, a Virtual Receptionist can manage all incoming calls in a good response time.

Missing out on calls could lead to missed opportunities, with a Virtual Receptionist answering all your calls and it doesn’t stop there! Without a Virtual Receptionist, you could risk losing a customer or the chance to retain customers and build relationships.  

What is a Virtual Receptionist?

A Virtual Receptionist is a professional who can perform the same tasks as an in-house receptionist would, including phone answering, taking written messages, directing callers, managing your diary, or scheduling appointments. VRs are also equipped to handle high call volumes. In today’s fast-paced world, it can be challenging for businesses to manage the high demands of taking calls, managing appointments even handling customer inquiries. This is where a Virtual Receptionist comes in.

What happens when you miss a call

Phone calls are the first option for handling issues quickly. Missing some calls might not seem like a big issue but this will reflect terribly on your business and may lead to a decrease in customers. This also tells the client or potential customers that they are not a priority. Not answering a customer call will lead to them hanging up or they could leave a message (if they have the option). However, missing a call can lead to unresolved issues or leave your customers frustrated, possibly resulting in them going elsewhere.  

Why are you missing calls?

You could be missing calls for many reasons.

  • Understaffed
  • Employees are busy
  •  After-hours calls
  • Relying on digital communications
  • Your voicemail box doesn’t get checked.

Despite working hard to answer the phone, missed calls will inevitably happen. You could be dealing with another customer on the phone, on your lunch, or simply have gone to use the bathroom, there could be many reasons, but one main cause is due to a lack of availability.

The reputation of your business will be on the downside, customers may never call back and could leave a bad review on your business page!

Who can use a Virtual Receptionist to answer their calls during the busy holiday period?

Salons & Spas

Salons and beauty spas are always booked up. Whether it’s just to look good for the holidays or feel good with a relaxing massage at the spa or for that last-minute appointment before a plane to catch, no matter the reason, the holiday season Is always booming for the beauty industry.

Clinics & Practices  

Well-trained virtual receptionists can provide all-around-the-clock care to clients in the absence of their main in-house receptionist from a remote location. VRs can receive and make calls and respond to written messages such as emails, texts, live chat, etc.

Cleaning & Contractor Services

During the holidays, especially the bank holidays, lots of people usually get odd jobs done around the home or do a little home improvement or spring cleaning, these services can be significantly busier during this time.

A Virtual receptionist can take all your calls and step in when you need to step away. This will improve customer loyalty while growing your business.

Whatever industry you practice business in, a virtual receptionist can ensure every customer call is answered during the busy holiday season.