Virtual Receptionist for Opticians

WRITTEN BY Tina Miller ON 10 May 2023

The Benefits Of A Virtual Receptionist For Opticians

If you run a busy Opticians, you may find you or your team are constantly juggling telephone calls whilst trying to manage appointments and greet people that walk into your premises. 

  • Calls will never be unanswered, calls are always answered professionally in your business name.

  • Pre-screened calls can save your team time, eliminate annoying sales calls, you only liaise with legitimate callers, looking for your services. 
  • Emergency coverage, we can provide cover when you need it most, staff shortages, holidays. 

  • Overflow call management, if your team are greeting walk in’s, adjusting lenses, fitting glasses or simply out at lunch. We can provide support whenever your team are unavailable or busy with other tasks. 

  • You can improve Patient Care by providing them with uninterrupted attention.  

  • Decrease your cost and save money, reduce business overheads. 

  • Increase productivity. 

  • Give the right impression. 

How Does it Work?     

You can divert your existing number to us directly or we can allocate to you a unique number as your main company number. Our receptionists will answer your calls in your business name and follow the instructions you have provided for us to manage your calls. You will have your own management record on our database, and your personalised screen pops up once your unique number is dialled. 

There are many options available for call management however, you can create a personalised process that fits the operational needs of your practice. 


During onboarding we work with you to customise how we manage your calls, there are many options to choose from:

  • calls can be forwarded
  • messages can be taken
  • appointments can be arranged
  • we can schedule appointments
  • establish private or NHS status
  • ask about the patient’s history
  • and much more. 

Who Is Answering You’re Calls When You’re Not?

Missed calls can often be missed opportunities.

From a patient’s perspective, a constantly ringing phone can be frustrating and disruptive to their experience. Patients expect attentive service when they visit, a calm, organised serene atmosphere, and a continuously ringing phone can detract from that ambience. 

Having a streamlined communication process in place, with a specialist Virtual Receptionist for opticians, can ensure that all incoming calls are handled efficiently and professionally, minimising distractions and missed opportunities. 

Often, phones lines diverted directly to voicemails is not the right solution to capture missed calls, relying on callers to leave messages is not always effective, some callers may be deterred from leaving a message, especially if they are first time callers or new business and may seek optician services elsewhere.

Give yourself a strategic advantage over your competitors and truly set yourself apart from other optometrist practices with VOffice Telephone Answering Services.