Is Microsoft Teams The New WhatsApp Of The Workplace?

WRITTEN BY Tina Miller ON 31 January 2022

There’s no question that over the last few years, the Coronavirus pandemic has forced millions of businesses across the world to operate remotely and it’s thanks to communication-based technology such as Teams and WhatsApp that we are able to communicate virtually.

Keeping up with the times

“Keeping up with the times” has become more apparent now than ever! How have we still managed to run the show from home without losing all sanity? One word… Technology!

Thankfully, we are able to communicate virtually using communication-based technology such as Teams and WhatsApp. These tools are more affordable now for small businesses than they’ve ever been and more companies are using them in order to stay competitive.


Think about what you use WhatsApp for right now, do you communicate with friends? Family? Colleagues? Business opportunities?

I mean, it’s free to download and uses the internet to send messages, so significantly reduces any costs that you would incur if you used SMS. You also have the option to video call on there (I can’t vouch for that, as it’s always been shockingly low quality for me, sorry WhatsApp!).

Microsoft Teams

So, is this why Teams is the new alternative to WhatsApp in the workplace?

Recent debates have been had about why all office conversations should be moved over to Microsoft Teams, for several reasons. I mean it is essentially WhatsApp, but better!

You can download it the same way on the App Store, but it has a range of more exciting features, like the fact teams allow direct integration with OneDrive, SharePoint, Dropbox, Google drive and other applications. It also allows you to record calls, share screens and set quiet hours for when you do not want to be disturbed.

Teams will also allow you free 24-hour video calls for 1-on-1 interactions, whilst group calls are capped at 100 participants for a maximum of 1 hour. 100 of your employees all on one joint call! How easy does this make bringing everybody together? There’s no reason to miss another meeting again!

Last but not least, most of us use office 365 within the working environment, right? With Microsoft Teams also being a part of office 365, it allows you to connect with users, media and tools that your team can benefit from… I mean, I’m starting to see why Teams has taken over WhatsApp in the workplace, can you?