The power of just being there

WRITTEN BY Tina Miller ON 21 April 2022

We all want to build a strong bond with our customers so that they take advantage of our services or products now – and come back for more in the future. It makes sense to invest time, energy and resources in marketing and publicity to spread the word about what we do and how well we do it but what happens next? Why is answering the telephone so important?

The key element that turns an interested person into a loyal customer is a relationship.

So showing up and being present is important for those who are new to your business and the people who come back time and again. At the centre of this process is conversation – but only if you’re at the other end of the phone to do your bit.

The reassurance of answering the phone

If you work in a trade, your qualifications and certifications will have been hard-earned and you’ll be quite rightly proud of them. If you offer a top-quality product that stands out from the crowd, you’ll want your customers to know that they’re buying the best.

You can provide details on your website or through your social media but there’s nothing like being on the end of the phone to answer questions and give them the confidence they’re looking for.

An instant response

In a competitive market, a customer will want to know what separates you from everyone else in your sector. They’ll be curious about what sets you apart, how you’ll meet their needs and whether you’ll be the best fit for them.

Being able to pick up the phone means that you’ll be able to give them the background information they’re looking for as well as fill in all the details that you won’t be able to cover on your website.

Knowing that someone cares

We all want to feel special and virtually nothing builds brand loyalty like someone taking a personal interest in you. Whether your client or customer has particular needs or they’re not too clear on how you work, your responsiveness to them as an individual will not be forgotten. They’re likely to pass the information on to their friends and family too – and word of mouth is the kind of publicity that money can’t buy.

Putting things right

When things go wrong, customers can be understandably upset: what matters is how you handle this. A humanised, empathetic and personalised response can often turn things around for you and your brand reputation, even if it’s not possible to entirely remedy the situation.

A Harvard Business Review article looked into the relationship between swift, caring and personal response and ongoing customer loyalty:

  • Respond quickly and customers will feel like someone is watching out for them.
  • Listen to and acknowledge what they’re going through, even if they’re really unhappy and you can’t resolve the problem right now, they will sense you’re on their side.
  • Tiny gestures mean a lot, so give them your name and they’ll feel like they’ve built a personal relationship with you rather than a faceless company.

What if you don’t have an office or can’t be available all the time?

Explore the possibilities of a virtual office and company address. A telephone answering service will make sure that there’s always someone there to talk to. Whether a client wants more information, to book a job or to make a complaint, it’ll be dealt with on the spot, without the frustration of leaving an answerphone message.

It’s not easy leaving these kinds of interactions in the hands of someone else, but we’re professionals and we’ll get to know you, your clients and what you do so well that no one will be able to tell. For a little reassurance, call us today and explore how we can keep your customers happy when you’re not around.