8 Reasons Why You Need A Telephone Answering Service

WRITTEN BY Tina Miller ON 8 March 2022

Opting for a Virtual Office rather than a physical one has its benefits, however most often its considered that a Business Mailing Address is sufficient as a standalone service and this works for many businesses, however combining your Virtual Office Business Address alongside a Telephone Answering service can truly enhance your business profile & operations and here are 8 reasons why:

1. It’s crucial to have a telephone number on your website & someone answer it!

With online fraud on the increase many people are often worried about the authenticity of a company and before making their purchase or commitment and as advised & recommended by the FSA, Trading Standards, Action Fraud and Money.co.uk – Customers are recommended to do their research! This often includes scrutinising a  website and checking  legitimacy of a company by calling the telephone number on the website. If a ‘contact us form’ is the only way to get in touch, this often raises concerns & suspicions according to Citizens Advice. 

2. People sometimes just want to talk

There is a new wave of workplace culture, from video conferencing, remote teams & distributed workforces, alongside apps, chatbots and live chat, these are all part of our new normal. However, often customers just want a human point of contact and not another web interface, chat box, email address or we’ll get right back to your form to complete, they would just like to speak to someone. 

3. A central point of contact for everyone

If you work within a team, having one central point of contact can work very well, especially if working remotely from separate locations and all at the fraction of the cost of hiring a receptionist.  A telephone answering service can act as the main receiver and distributor of all calls, advising who is on the line, giving you the option to choose who you need to speak to.

4. Holiday, sickness or temporary cover

Should there be no one available to take calls or if your colleagues are off sick or away on holiday, you may need additional support for a short period of time to help answer your calls and take messages.

5. Overflow call management

Whatever the size of your business you’ll have times when you or your team can’t manage the call volumes. A Telephone answering service can capture overflow calls and even transfer them through to the right person or take messages, most customers do not even realise their call has been outsourced.

6. Is your company customer facing?

If your business requires you to be away from your desk or the office for most of the day, for example if you’re a trades person or consultant or if you simply have no time to answer your calls. 

7. Need to separate your work from your personal life?

A telephone answering service can help with boundary lines between work and personal life by ensuring you are speaking to callers when it’s convenient for you to do so. If you’re on holiday but don’t want to miss that one important incoming call, you could arrange to have that one ‘VIP’ caller transferred to you, but all other callers can leave messages on voicemail for you to manage as and when convenient for you. 

8. Call blocking

It’s not often that you have time to speak to the caller promising to offer you the best electricity rates or save you money on your office cleaning. Maximise efficiently and effectively illuminate irrelevant communication, especially when you don’t have time.  

At VOffice, we offer a premium customer experience,
we work alongside our clients during the onboarding process and identify best practices and processes so that every call is managed and handled accordingly.  We understand that no two businesses are the same and we strongly believe in providing the best customer experience to all callers, ensuring overall customer satisfaction, and providing a positive experience for your callers. 

Give your callers the welcome greeting they deserve, our team of experienced, professional Receptionists, are ready & waiting to answer your calls.