The time of year when people leave work stress behind.. Not always the case for SME owners.

written by Sally-Ann on 1 July 2014

According to research carried out by Sage more than 30% of small business owners in the UK did not take a summer holiday last year. The smaller the business the more likely this is to occur. Ironic really, as most small business owners work far longer hours than the average, certainly not the nine to five grind.

Whilst many SME business owners believe that they can’t leave their business for a break as it may be damaging, it is actually more dangerous and less productive. Cary Cooper, professor of organisational psychology and health at Lancaster University Management School says that people who are constantly thinking and working on their business are causing more harm than good.

“Keep that up over a long period and it can be destructive. There’s profound evidence that if you work extremely long hours over a sustained period you’ll end up being less productive.”

It is also proven that taking a break helps with productiveness, wellness, health and family relationships. Many SME owners aren’t able to spend as much time connecting with family as they would like, so taking a break allows them do just so. It is a fact that most people return from holiday rejuvenated and refreshed, with a clear mind you can refocus and actually see things more clearly.

It is recommended to have a complete “digital detox” but this isn’t highly likely. With smart-phones creating instant access to everything back at home, it’s hard to completely switch off. You can’t relax on holiday if your phone is constantly ringing, yet if your not answering calls then you could be losing potential sales.

This is where we come in; to help you get that much needed break. Taking a temporary telephone service at The Virtual Office from as little as £6 per day allows your business to still run effectively, whilst you’re enjoying yourself away from the stress of everyday life at home. We can help you out of your ‘catch 22’. As the first Virtual Office, with over twenty years in the business, our reliable and experienced staff take pride in the telephone service which we provide.

Simply divert your telephone line through to our receptionists to answer and handle your calls.  With our unified voicemail messaging you can receive email alerts and return to callers as you need.  If you’re expecting important calls you can just inform us and we can transfer them through to you.

No need to make the choice between family time and work. You are free to enjoy your much needed break.

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